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An overview of GSM-based vehicle tracking system and how it works

GPS tracking unit is a device usually built into devices and vehicles. By the uses of Global Positioning System we can determine the exact location of the certain device. With the use of internet- connected computer, cellular, radio or satellite modem, usually embedded  in the unit we can transfer the data and show it on the map view.

Using GPS tracking software we can monitor the path, speed and other information got from this unit. GPS tracker contains GPS module to receive and calculate the coordinates of the GPS signal. For logging data it contains large memory and data pushers to transmit information to the central computer through SMS or GPRS IP packets.

There are number of acts and regulation in the USA, UK and other countries that regulate and monitor the use of GPS so it doesn’t be misused by it’s users and hackers, which can grant them access to people personal data and information.

Great feature in the modern automobile technology is the use of GPS for navigation thought different countries and region. The GPS navigation device accurately calculates the exact geographical location by receiving and sending data from the GPS satellites.

First this technology was used by the USA military but now it is used worldwide in automobiles and smart phones.

The GPS navigation feature in vehicles have some useful features. It offers view of the map, including street maps, displayed in readable text or graphical format. Turn by turn navigation direction for the person who is in control of vehicle via text or speech.

Traffic congestion map is offered to it’s users that depicts historical or real time data of congestion and offers alternative paths and directions.

Information about nearby restaurants, fueling stations, and tourist attraction is offered on the display of GPS navigation device.

GPS devices indicate lots of interesting and useful data and information to the driver. Like the available roads and paths, alternative routes, traffic congestion, roads and paths to be taken in order to get safely to the chosen destination, location of food, banks, hotel, fuel, airports and other places of interest.

It can navigate you to the shortest route between two destinations for saving time and fuel.

There different kind of GPS navigation devices and receivers that could be installed in your car. May that be dedicated GPS navigation devices, GPS modules that need to be connected to a computer, GPS loggers that record trip information for download and other.

Most number of latest smart phones and automobiles have this new feature built in from the factory so if you are buying new car you don’t have to worry about GPS tracking and navigation units they already had it built in, in the factory.


What to do if your cell phone is stolen?

Cell phone theft seems like an ever-growing business. Getting mugged on the streets and alleys has become all too common nowadays. If your cell phone is stolen, the cost of the phone becomes a secondary matter. The amount of personal data, pictures and important information stored on the phone is of primary important for almost everyone.

If you happen to be subjected to cell phone theft, there is something you can still do to recover your phone and find the snatcher. Usually all smart phones ask you to input a personal identification in the form of an email address. Once you enter the email address, your entire data on the phone can be backed up on a cloud device. But that’s not it, when your phone is synced with the email address; it activates a GPS locator in the phone as well. No matter where you are, you can access the location of your phone whenever and wherever it is switched on. GPS tracking can help you locate your cell phone even if your SIM card has been thrown out of it. You can also get alerts if the SIM card in your phone is changed.

If you happen to lose your phone to a thief, there is nothing to worry about as long as your GPS locator is on and your phone is synced with the account you entered on your phone. All you will have to do is access a GPS location website, enter your phone number or the email id synced with your phone and you will be provided with the exact location of your phone.


How can i find a stolen phone?

No one wants to lose their phone or Iphone, but if stolen there are ways that can be used to recover the gadget. However if your phone gets stolen, it is advisable to have set up Find my iphone application on your phone. You can get backup or at least prevent the thief from getting at your personal data from your phone. You log into the account that you used when setting the Iphone, here the site will begin to try and locate your device, however if the phone has been switched off the site will try to locate the very last location where it was used. Apparently it will immediately update the moment the phone has been switched on.

Finding the device it zooms in on the map and shows the location using a green dot, to get the actual location and view the map satellite with goggle maps or hybrid model. This leads you to the exact place that your gadget is being used.Morever it is advisable to always download an application once you acquire a new phone. This application has helped to reduce especially the stealing of phones as it is now very easy to catch the thieves and trace your lost phone. Consequently you can delete all data from your device whether your phone is on the move just refresh and you will get the current location of your device.

The moment your device has been located a window pops up over the green dot that keeps blinking to alert on the exact location it gives various options with possibly of one. Nevertheless you can immediately lock the phone so that data is not accessed when you press the lost mode code, and you can send a message that will be displayed on the screen once your finished press done.

When you have maybe misplaced your phone the first option is play sound sending a sound to the device if your phone is in the house or the office and you want help finding it this is very easy as it will alert whoever is around.


Is phone number tracking real or dream?


Well phone number tracking is indeed real and it is not a dream. When mobile phone devices were introduced it was a bit difficult for one to track the phone numbers, but with the revolution of this gadget everything has changed and it is very easy to do so. People have indeed embraced this new purpose as they are very sentimental with their phones. Phone number tracking is real and not a dream anymore with the new software that are being developed and with new phone models being introduced into the market there is a need for one to feel secure with a phone.

Tracking phone numbers is very easy from where one is in the world as long as one has a mobile phone. This allows one to look up someone with their phone numbers instead of their names, very simple to get address, location and even the mobile phone carrier. Phone number tracking is no longer a dream it is real and people are doing it from the comfort of their homes. It is very easy to reverse look up a phone number that is unknown from your phone all you have to do is press ‘search ‘from your phone as long as you have downloaded the application and you will know who called you and from what location.

The tracking devices have really helped in so many ways as you are able to know who is ‘bugging’ you when that ‘unknown call’ comes through. To prove that it is indeed not a dream police have been using this phone tracking of numbers when on duty whenever the need arises that they have to search for individuals and the only information that they have is a phone number. In some countries it’s illegal to track phone numbers and indeed the only ones allowed to do this are the federal agencies, government agencies and authority police.

Unfortunately one cannot just solely search for a number one needs to download the devices for tracking which is to be used discreetly as people would not appreciate being ‘tracked’ wherever they are.


How legal is phone tracking?

Phone tracking is used to find the location of a person or track his/her movements. It is used by the Police in rare cases to track down suspects and the government can use it anytime. Government organizations, such as the CIA, can perform tracking discreetly. Tracking can never be illegal for the government, as you can never find out if they are tracking you.
For common citizens, phone tracking is illegal if it is being performed secretly. Before we take a look at what is legal and what is not, let us discuss how a person can track a phone.


How phone tracking is performed
The government will never disclose their methods of tracking phones, but we can guess what they do. They might use sophisticated equipment to trap phone network signals. This equipment can be used to trace calls. Police use this method, and you may have seen this method being used in Hollywood films.
Of course, most people will not have access to such equipment, but softwares that can replicate this are available. Most of the tracking done these days is through phone number tracking softwares. Don’t expect to just start tracking after installing these softwares. Even they have limits and require input from the user.

How do tracking softwares work?
This mainly depends on the brand and developers. A particular software may ask for user input, while another may ask for synchronization with a PC. The way they track might be different as well, but that depends on the algorithm of the software. In the end, you should just get the location of the person you are trying to track.
So what is legal and what is not? If your phone is stolen, you can use your IMEI number to trace it. Just give it to your manufacturer and it will find it for you. This is 100% legal. You can even place a tracker on your child’s phone or use it on your relatives to keep a check on them. It only becomes illegal when they don’t know that they are being tracked.
So you will commit a serious crime if you place a tracker on someone’s phone secretly. The person who is being tracked must be fully aware of it.


What does PRISM mean exactly?

PRISM is a secret government program, and it was initiated by the U.S. Government to secretly collect personal information of internet users. All internet users come under the PRISM program and it may not be restricted only to the U.S. Many people believe that the PRISM program should be stopped, as the personal information of a person should not be given to the government without his/her permission.
In depth information or knowledge about the PRISM program is not available, but we know that big companies take part in it. Currently, we cannot develop any method to counter the surveillance that is being or might be conducted on us.


How PRISM works?
As mentioned previously, it is a very secret program. Tech experts can only guess how they access a person’s personal information. We all know that hackers can collect data, so the government can use their methods as well. The government does not need to hack though, they only need to spy.
Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook own servers. All of your personal information is stored in those servers. Imagine how easy it is for the government to access your information. The NSA is currently monitoring all online activities and is part of the PRISM program according to reports by the Washington Post. Previously, NSA was only allowed to monitor foreign communications, but with PRISM, they can monitor domestic communications as well.

We have to question the companies that hand over our information. Unfortunately, the government and the companies deny any involvement and this complicates the entire matter. We know that companies are bound by law to hand over our information to the government whenever they ask for it. The problem is that they do it without asking us for permission.

Is my phone being tracked as well?
NSA most probably accesses the Meta data of your phone calls and not the call itself. They might be able to track your location or the location of the person whom you called. For Skype, it is a different story. Since they may have control over Skype servers, they may actually listen to your conversations or view your video chats whenever they require.


Does my phone send/receive GPS signals?

Most modern mobile phones such as Android smartphones and iPhones have to make use of GPS signals. It is a basic feature of all new phones and most of them use GPS technologies to offer services. Without GPS, most mobile phones will not be able make use of modern technology. GPS is only necessary for a few services. A mobile phone might make use of mobile internet to perform most of its services as well, but there are important services that operate exclusively on GPS systems.
While purchasing a phone, you should check whether it has GPS built in. If you have no idea about GPS systems, then continue reading.


A few things to know about GPS signals
GPS stands for Global Positioning System and requires a satellite to transmit signals. The signals are usually in microwave form and can be received by any device which is equipped with a GPS receiver. GPS receivers also have the capability to send GPS signals back to the satellite from which they got them, so transmission of data can take place this way. Mobile GPS receivers are not that powerful and can receive GPS signals from towers or base stations.

Why do you even need GPS signals?
It is evident by the name, as GPS signals are used to locate a receiver. Ever heard of Satellite navigation systems? Most mobile phones have a sort of Satellite navigation system service now. If you are lost and have an Android phone, you can use Google Maps to find your current location. This is possible due to GPS systems, as your mobile needs to transmit its location to any nearby GPS tower to give it its location. With your location given, you will appear on the Google Map and you can find your way to your destination.
GPS signals can also be used for phone number tracking. You can use software that makes use of GPS signals to find location. You can use trackers to keep a check on your children and find out where they go. The government uses the same method to track down wanted criminals or stop a crime from happening by apprehending suspects before it takes place.


Can My Wife / Spouse See My Location?

Modern technologies are providing us with the unprecedented choices and opportunities. Our smart phones are becoming smarter and smarter almost on a daily basis. At the same time with hand in hand with choices come worries, as well. The ability to successfully track your phone number has made many people wonder whether or not their spouses can determine the location based on data derived from their phones/iPhones. Although, this may seem as a simple question, there is no easy question in this matter.

First of all, you have to accept that there is no absolute certainty about the possibility for your man or wife to try tracking your phone. The smarter your phone is, the higher is the probability for its successful tracking. On the other hand, if you want to be absolutely sure that your life partner cannot trace your phone, then there is no other option left for you to do than to leave your phone when you go out. There is also one more eventuality and that is to use another phone. Nevertheless, with these options we are actually opening a completely different subject of mutual trust and the very foundations of your marriage.

It is definitely worth mentioning one more field of possible application when it comes to phone numbers tracking. Sometimes through the tracking of your spouse’s phone you can help him or her when it is needed for various reasons. After all, our loved ones carry phones with them for the primary reason to inform us about their position. With an adequate tracking software solution this option becomes an automatic one. You do not need to ask or call. All you have to do is to locate your family member and help him or her as soon as possible.

We have seen that phone tracking has enormous possibilities when it comes to determining the exact location of your loved ones. However, we have also witnessed the very limitation of this feature. Phone number locating service cannot deal with the nature of your family relationship. At the end, this is something you have to take care of yourself. Phone tracking option has the sole purpose to provide you with a certain information which will make your decision being a more relevant one.


How Can you Prevent Being Located?

The raising awareness about the possibilities and dangers of phone tracking has made many people to seriously consider the ways of preventing their phones from tracking. However, we have to say that this easy to be said than done. Unfortunately, there is no absolute protection against phone tracking. Having this is mind as an unpleasant but a pretty much realistic fact you can adequately comprehend the issues associated to phone tracking prevention.

First of all, do not apply everything you hear or read about the phone tracking including some of the very popular urban myths. Even if you turn your phone off that will not prevent NSA or other similar government agencies from tracking and spying on your phone. On the other side, disabling GPS features on your phone/iPhone can prevent you from enjoying all possibilities offered by your device. In addition, there are so many indicators that your phone is being tracked, but none of them can guarantee you the absolutely valid results. You can be suspicious about the “strange behavior” of your phone from time to time, but you can never know with an absolute certainty that your phone is under the influence of some phone tracking software.

If you are feeling helpless or depressive after reading the above mentioned facts about phone tracking, that does not have to be necessarily bad. Additionally, that may even make you to think very seriously about this issue. What we are saying is that you should be aware of phone tracking possibility and danger, but definitely not phone tracking paranoid. As long as they are phone tracking software solutions there will always be some software solutions designed to prevent that from happening. What can be also worth your consideration is the ability to use encryption software for your calls and messages. That should also include software solutions for masking your phone’s location. Eventually, it all comes down to your own choice of a lifestyle you want to have and protect.


Does NSA Track Everyone’s Location?

While Edward Snowden is trying to get used to Russian climate, we are trying to adjust to the new world with no secrets. The conspiracy theorists could not possibly be more satisfied, and the rest of us could not be more worried about the influence that various government and secret agencies had and still have on our privacy.

According to one of the recent Appeal Court’s decisions the police does not need to have a proper warrant or even a probable cause for tracking your phone or iPhone. If this is to be applied to the police, then we should not even ask what are the powers and authorizations of secret government agencies such as NSA in this matter. We can only guess and whatever we think or fear about having a very high possibility of being true. To make things even worse some of the urban legends about this secret agency has gained a completely new meaning and relevancy under the new circumstances of public disclosure of once perfectly guarded top secrets.

For some time it has been speculated that NSA is conducting a series of experiments with revolutionary devices and softwares for phone location tracking. On the other side, some people claim that we are completely unaware about the power and capacities of NSA for phone tracking. The NSA ability to track and locate phone numbers on almost every point in the world is beyond our power of comprehension according to these claims. Therefore, without any exaggeration we can say that NSA can track everyone and everywhere when and how it wants.

As we can see phone tracking has become so much more than just a pure technical issue. In fact, it goes deeply into the ethical and moral sphere. Perhaps, we should leave NSA to do its job. We should examine our own actions and resist temptation of using these phone tracking softwares and solutions for our private reasons. Only in this way, we will have the right to question others such as NSA itself.