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How legal is phone tracking?

Phone tracking is used to find the location of a person or track his/her movements. It is used by the Police in rare cases to track down suspects and the government can use it anytime. Government organizations, such as the CIA, can perform tracking discreetly. Tracking can never be illegal for the government, as you can never find out if they are tracking you.
For common citizens, phone tracking is illegal if it is being performed secretly. Before we take a look at what is legal and what is not, let us discuss how a person can track a phone.


How phone tracking is performed
The government will never disclose their methods of tracking phones, but we can guess what they do. They might use sophisticated equipment to trap phone network signals. This equipment can be used to trace calls. Police use this method, and you may have seen this method being used in Hollywood films.
Of course, most people will not have access to such equipment, but softwares that can replicate this are available. Most of the tracking done these days is through phone number tracking softwares. Don’t expect to just start tracking after installing these softwares. Even they have limits and require input from the user.

How do tracking softwares work?
This mainly depends on the brand and developers. A particular software may ask for user input, while another may ask for synchronization with a PC. The way they track might be different as well, but that depends on the algorithm of the software. In the end, you should just get the location of the person you are trying to track.
So what is legal and what is not? If your phone is stolen, you can use your IMEI number to trace it. Just give it to your manufacturer and it will find it for you. This is 100% legal. You can even place a tracker on your child’s phone or use it on your relatives to keep a check on them. It only becomes illegal when they don’t know that they are being tracked.
So you will commit a serious crime if you place a tracker on someone’s phone secretly. The person who is being tracked must be fully aware of it.


How Can you Prevent Being Located?

The raising awareness about the possibilities and dangers of phone tracking has made many people to seriously consider the ways of preventing their phones from tracking. However, we have to say that this easy to be said than done. Unfortunately, there is no absolute protection against phone tracking. Having this is mind as an unpleasant but a pretty much realistic fact you can adequately comprehend the issues associated to phone tracking prevention.

First of all, do not apply everything you hear or read about the phone tracking including some of the very popular urban myths. Even if you turn your phone off that will not prevent NSA or other similar government agencies from tracking and spying on your phone. On the other side, disabling GPS features on your phone/iPhone can prevent you from enjoying all possibilities offered by your device. In addition, there are so many indicators that your phone is being tracked, but none of them can guarantee you the absolutely valid results. You can be suspicious about the “strange behavior” of your phone from time to time, but you can never know with an absolute certainty that your phone is under the influence of some phone tracking software.

If you are feeling helpless or depressive after reading the above mentioned facts about phone tracking, that does not have to be necessarily bad. Additionally, that may even make you to think very seriously about this issue. What we are saying is that you should be aware of phone tracking possibility and danger, but definitely not phone tracking paranoid. As long as they are phone tracking software solutions there will always be some software solutions designed to prevent that from happening. What can be also worth your consideration is the ability to use encryption software for your calls and messages. That should also include software solutions for masking your phone’s location. Eventually, it all comes down to your own choice of a lifestyle you want to have and protect.


How to find a stolen phone? Here are our recommendations

One of your worst nightmares has come alive. Your phone is stolen. You are desperate and furious while keep asking yourself if there is something you can do about it. We have to say that one of the good things about smart phones is that they are getting smarter each day. Therefore, being able to locate your phone or iPhone can significantly increase your chances of recovering it successfully.

In case you have not considered seriously the worst case scenario it is the high time for you to do it immediately after reading this article. It comes without saying that there quite a few reliable software for tracking your stolen phone or iPhone. In addition, the opportunities for successful and precise tracking are improving on a daily basis. For these reasons you can expect some good chances of locating your stolen phone. Nevertheless, as soon as you track and locate your phone/iPhone comes the tricky part.

It is a normal reaction to immediately visit the place marked by your phone tracking results. It is normal and understandable, but not highly recommended at the same time. You have to be completely aware about the potential dangers you are exposing yourself in such a way. It would be much better for you to inform police about your findings and let them do their work.

As you could have seen it for yourself when it comes to theft protection of your favorite mobile gadget it is wise to do some thinking beforehand. Inform yourself about the latest trends in the development of the top phone tracking software. Carefully go through some reviews and choose to test several most recommended solutions in this area. Eventually, you cannot be absolutely certain that at some point in time your phone/iPhone is not going to be stolen, but at least you can do is to increase your chances with an adequate phone tracking software tool. At the end of the day you should allow your smart phones to prove how smart they are indeed.